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Welcome to the BC School for the Deaf

The BC School for the Deaf is a kindergarten to grade 12 school in partnership with South Slope Elementary and Burnaby South Secondary schools. The school believes that all students:

  • Have the right to learn and be respected in a positive school climate
  • Learn best in an environment that provides clear and effective communication
  • Should have access to a wide variety of programs and services
  • Develop potential through a feeling of self-worth and exposure to role models in the Deaf and Hearing communities
  • Have the right to be themselves as Deaf individuals with respect and tolerance for different cultures and communication styles
  • Develop independence and a love of learning which will continue throughout life

Educational programs follow the curricula of the Province of British Columbia, and include the use of supplementary materials and teaching strategies appropriate for deaf students. Students have the opportunity of learning in small classrooms with other Deaf children under the guidance of a trained teacher of the Deaf. The BC School for the Deaf also provides interpreters for students who wish to take core or elective courses within Burnaby South Secondary or South Slope Elementary. Interpreters are also provided for extracurricular activities including school sports, club meetings, and tutorial sessions.

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