Career Programs

ACE-It (Accelerated Credit Enrollment in Industry Training)

ACE-It Programs are an industry training certification program for BC secondary students that enables students to earn both graduation credit and credit for the first level of technical training associated with the Industry Training Program or Apprenticeship. Students also acquire the job-ready skills necessary to entering the industry or pursuing further training in their industry. It’s a Transition to Industry for Secondary Students.

ACE-It Programs (Clicking on the link will take you to the Burnaby School District ACE-it program brochure):

Work Experience

The work experience program gives the students the opportunity to explore the world of employment. The school has an ever growing list of supportive employers representing a variety of career sectors. The employers host the students and the students become a temporary employee of the business or association. It has many benefits for the students: they can learn skills, boost their confidence, explore their interests, develop their resumes, just to name a few. It also is also an excellent learning experience for the employers, staff and public who learn about working and communicating with Deaf and hard of hearing students.

Ultimately is a wonderful, rewarding opportunity for all.